Heavy Rigid Truck Licence Course

Heavy Rigid (HR) licence allows you to drive any rigid vehicle with 3 or more axles and tow a trailer with a GVM up to 9 tonnes (within GCM limits). A HR licence also allows you to drive an articulated bus.

Different courses are available for Automatic/Synchromesh equipped trucks and also the constant mesh (“road ranger” or “crash box”) equipped trucks.

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There are two types of HR Courses. The Automatic/Manual course and the Constant Mesh (also known as “Road Ranger” or “Crash Box”)

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Heavy Rigid Truck Licence Requirements

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Jobs that require a HR Licence

Getting a HR Truck Licence is a great employment opportunity. Not only does it look great on your resume, but it opens up the door to a wide range of jobs.

Many people overlook the fact that getting your Heavy Rigid Licence is an investment into your future.

In the Transport and Logistics industry, you are much more likely to gain employment by holding a Heavy Vehicle Licence regardless of the job you are applying for. Driving or not.