Driver Knowledge Test (DKT)

The first step on your way getting your Heavy Vehicle Licence is to complete a Driver Knowledge Test, also known as a DKT.
This test is completed at your local Service NSW branch, however, we provide you with all the information and links that you will require to prepare and complete this test prior to your Heavy Vehicle Licence Course at AHVT.

All the information you need to know about your Driver Knowledge Test

We have compiled the most common questions that our customers have about Driver Knowledge Tests.

The Driver Knowledge Test, otherwise known as the DKT, is a computer-based test to assess your knowledge of Road Rules. This includes General Knowledge and Road Safety Knowledge.

You will also be asked questions that are specifically related to the class of vehicle that you are complete the DKT for. 

There are 4 types of Knowledge Tests that you can complete. Car, Rider (Motorcycle), Rigid Heavy Vehicle and Combination Heavy Vehicle.

You must complete the appropriate Test for the licence class you wish to complete.

Complete the Rigid Heavy Vehicle DKT for the following licence classes:

  • Light Rigid (LR)
  • Medium Rigid (MR)
  • Heavy Rigid (HR)

Complete the Combination Heavy Vehicle DKT for the following licence classes:

  • Heavy Combination (HC)
  • Multi-Combination (MC)

There are a number of ways that you can study for your Knowledge Test.

For a Heavy Vehicle Licence DKT there are two handbooks that you should read through.

  • Road Users’ Handbook
  • Heavy Vehicle Drivers Handbook

You can purchase these handbooks from your local Service NSW, or alternatively, you can download them from the RMS website.

To practice your DKT before completing your actual test there are several options.

Similarly, If you own an iPhone, you can find the DKT iPhone App in the App Store. This is the best way to practice your test while you are on the move.

You can find this app by searching using terms like “DKT” or “RMS DKT”.

Below is a photo of the official app.

RMS, Practice Driver Knowledge Test in the App Store

You can find all the current information regarding Licence and Test fees on the RMS website by clicking HERE.

To book an appointment for your test, you can call Service NSW on 13 77 88, or you can make an appointment online.

You can find the Practice Knowledge Test – HERE

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